BRITAIN'S youngest blacksmiths' latest masterpiece has gone on display in a lake in Wrexham.

Ollie and Harvey Roberts, both aged 13, received national attention after news of what was born out of lockdown boredom turned into to them starting their own blacksmith business.

The pair of cousins, from Borras, have been inundated with orders and requests ever since, and were recently set the task by Acton Community Council of creating a sculpture to go on display in Acton Park lake.

They decided to create a fish created solely out of dessert spoons. And over the weekend it was unveiled in the middle of the lake.

The Leader:

It saw the pair, who were taught the blacksmith trade by their granddad, have to use 350 dessert spoons to create their masterpiece - with many of them donated by members of the public.

Ollie and Harvey said: "We have enjoyed every part of this project, it has been amazing to create.

"But we couldn't have done this without our grandad and everyone's kind donations of spoons so thank you!"

They added: "Even if we say so ourselves, it looks pretty awesome.

"Thank you everyone who continues to support us and our small business, we were quite surprised by how many people turned up at the park to see us and our carp."

And Ollie and Harvey are now putting their minds to their next task - a huge horseshoe to go on display at Acton Park Smithy.

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