THE mystery of who tidied Wrexham's War Memorial has been solved - with a mum and her young daughter praised for their civic-minded efforts.

Business owners and veterans were pleasantly surprised to see that the wreaths and other tributes left at the Cenotaph at Bodhyfryd had been tidied up at the weekend.

The Leader: The Cenotaph in Wrexham. Image: Steven Vale

Steven Vale, owner of Caroline's Viennese Patisserie in the town, contacted the Leader to say: "Can I please, through your paper on behalf of myself and fellow veterans, send out a heartfelt thanks to the unknown lady and her daughter who cleaned up the memorial.

"I feel personally embarrassed that a member of the General Public had to carry out such a generous act of public duty.

"If the lady and daughter read this, I would like to invite them to Caroline's for a free meal and treats as a gesture of thanks. I have wrote to our MP bringing this wonderful act to her attention."

Mr Vale shared the Facebook message of Ray Jones, of the RWF Comrades, that said: "It's been sorted out by someone whom thought it was a disgrace that a Cenotaph could be neglected so she and her daughter cleaned it up.

"I feel ashamed that a civilian would take the trouble to do it, but I thank her for doing it."

The praiseworthy pair were Louise Haggarty and her six-year-old daughter Lily.

The Leader: Lily Haggarty at the  Cenotaph in Wrexham after she and mum Louise tidied it up.

Louise, who works for AD Cleaning Support Services, noticed the memorial was looking untidy and they decided to do something about it.

The Leader: Louise and Lily Haggarty.

Sharing a photo with the Facebook Group Wrexham Town Matters, she said: "Today we passed the Cenotaph in town and noticed it looked a bit untidy. So myself and my daughter Lily age six decide to tidy up.

"We picked up fallen wreaths and crosses. We made sure it looked better.

"Lest We Forget."

The Leader: Lily Haggarty at the Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph last year.

She told the Leader: "I've always taken a very keen interest in Remembrance Day services or anything to remember our Fallen Heroes. Then when my daughter at a young age started to ask questions, I have tried to answer them best I can."

Louise has been overwhelmed by people thanking her and Lily on social media.

She added: "I'm so taken back that people have been so kind and noticed our small act of kindness. We dont want anyone to feel ashamed or embrassed that we did this.

"We wanted to do it to keep the one special place in town where we can remember the Fallen tidy."

E Louise Jones said: "One small act of pride and respect by a lady in their community imagine the communities we could all have if we all contributed instead of thinking it’s someone else’s job (even if it is). Well done both xxx"

Judith Connolly posted: "How kind. Such a lovely thing for you to have done."

Shan Newell said: "Well done Louise and Lily - what a lovely thing to do xxx"

Phil Caldwell posted: "Well done to both you and Lily, a wonderful gesture, the meaning of which will stay with your little girl for life. Thank you."

The Royal Welch Fusiliers memorial was erected in 1924 and is the focal point of Wrexham's Remembrance Day parade and service.

The monument by sculptor Sir W. Goscombe John has a central pedestal with figures in uniforms of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, a regiment forever associated with the town of Wrexham.

There are inscriptions commemorating the Fallen of the First and Second World Wars.