As many as 176 people have fallen ill after eating a batch of pork scratchings thought to be contaminated with salmonella.

Salmonella infection usually causes diarrhoea, fever and stomach cramps. Symptoms can begin six hours to six days after infection and can last up to a week.

The popular meaty snack is sold in major UK supermarkets including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons was recalled by The Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Tayto Group Ltd, the brand behind the product has issued an urgent food warning to shoppers.

The products affected include four Mr Porky items, which are Mr Porky Original Scratchings, Mr Porky Crispy Strips, Mr Porky Crackles, and Mr Porky Prime Cut Scratchings.

The Sun reports around 50 people of all ages have been hospitalised with salmonella poisoning.

Product details

The FSA said: “Tayto Group Ltd is taking the precautionary step of recalling some Mr Porky, Jay’s and The Real Pork Crackling Company products because they might be contaminated with salmonella.”

The products affected include:

The Leader: Mr Porky products being recalled due to risk of salmonella. (FSA)Mr Porky products being recalled due to risk of salmonella. (FSA)

Tayto Group Ltd advice to customers

The group behind the snack warned customers not to eat the product, it said: “If you have bought any of the above products do not eat them. Instead, return them to the store from where they were bought for a full refund.”

The company said they are “recalling all products as a precautionary measure” and point of sale notices will be displayed in all stores where the product is on sale.