THE Met Office says the UK may not experience an August heatwave as previously forecast.

With many parts of Europe experiencing high temperatures, sun worshippers here were told that similar weather could be on the way.

Areas in Italy have seen temperatures reaching 48.8C, but the Met Office says we shouldn't expect more than sunny spells here.

The Met Office's Graham Madge said: "Do not expect to see heatwave conditions, but dry, sunny spells for many.

"August has essentially been a case of mixed fortune with some areas seeing drier weather than usual, while others have virtually had a whole month of rainfall in just ten days.

"We're not expecting to see record-breaking weather, as there have certainly been wetter Augusts in the past but many areas have faced a very wet and intense period of rain."

He added: "We are putting this down to an area of low pressure which is moving slowly across the country bringing the damp conditions many have seen."

Here in North Wales, temperatures are expected to rise up to 22C on Friday and over the weekend.

However, despite sunny spells, it is likely to be cloudy with a strong chance of rain.