A POLICE Sergeant has described the challenges officers face when carrying out their duties in the heat and sun.

The Leader joined Sgt David Smith on patrol in Wrexham town centre this week.

We asked him how difficult his tasks are when carrying his full range of equipment and body armour.

He said: "It is quite difficult - the kit we wear it is really hot and uncomfortable.

"Myself, I have the boots with metal plates, black clothing which attracts the heat, armour/stab-proof vest, the radio, baton, taser, spray, body worn camera - it's very heavy.

"As a supervisor I advise my staff in every briefing to wear some protection and take some liquids out with them to stay hydrated.

"We do encourage them as and when they can to come back in and cool off.

"We still have to look professional, but we also have to bear in mind the welfare of staff. which is paramount.

"Without staff, we haven't got anyone to go out and respond and serve the community."

On the public's response to the conditions, he said: "We have seen an increased presence in the town.

"With lovely weather and the circumstances of having been in lockdown in their homes for some time, people are coming out now and engaging with family and friends and socialising.

"We do encourage people to do that, but while staying safe and adhering to the guidelines."