THE UK is currently in the midst of a heatwave and with record breaking temperatures being recorded around the country.

With many of us thinking of ways to stay cool, it’s important to remember to keep your baby cool at all times.

With the heatwave set to last for the majority of this week, experts at Babysense have shared some tips on how to keep your baby cool during the night.

Five tips to keep your baby cool at night

1. Give your child a cool bath

It’s a good idea to give your child a cool bath before putting them to sleep. Doing this will bring their body temperature down to a cooler level, helping them remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

2. Hang damp towels over radiators

A great idea is to hang damp towels over a radiator or door, as this can help to cool the air around your baby. Simply soak a towel with cold water, ring it out as much as possible and hang, and this will help create a cooler environment for your little one.

3. Don’t put your baby to bed too early

If you have the option to, then we suggest putting your baby to bed slightly later than usual. As temperatures drop as the night progresses, babies are often put to bed when room temperatures are still relatively high, so it’s worth waiting an extra 30 mins to an hour.

4. Keep curtains closed throughout the day

We’re all aware that shaded areas are cooler than those exposed to the sun. With this in mind, keep the curtains in your baby's room drawn throughout the day, as this will block out direct sunlight and help to maintain a cooler environment.

5. Keep the nursery well ventilated

As well as having the curtains drawn, it’s also a great idea to keep the window open slightly, as this will allow a cool breeze to enter the room. It’s important not to open them too much, as loud noises can disrupt your baby's sleeping pattern.

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Noah Levin, Chief Marketing Officer at Babysense reveals the importance of keeping your baby cool at night and how technology can play it’s part:

“As adults, we know how frustrating it can be when the country is in the midst of a heatwave and you’re struggling to find ways to cool down. It’s almost impossible for a baby to communicate this with you, which is why it’s important we do all we can to keep their body temperature as cool as possible.”

“We wanted to share some of the basic tips that can come in handy for parents during a heatwave and hopefully they prove to be a success in keeping your baby cool. From hanging damp towels over a radiator to keeping the curtains drawn within a nursery, you can help to create a more cooler and calm environment for your baby.”

“Technology can also play a huge part in helping to keep your baby cool. There are air humidifiers which can be a great help in cooling the room temperature within your baby's room, but it’s also worth investing in a breathing monitor, so you can keep a closer eye on the health of your baby during warmer weather.”