A COMMUNITY football club has gone from ‘strength to strength’ over the years as they mark a ‘milestone’.

Brymbo Lodge Youth Football Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season which in itself is a ‘huge milestone in the club history’.

But the club is set to make history as they welcome their first senior team, who are set to play at Solway Banks this weekend.

Coach co-ordinator Keiran Howard said: “We’ve always been classed as a youth football club but now we have senior football which gives the older teens somewhere to go and keeps them on the straight and narrow. It keeps them going.

“The last year has been tough but we’ve kept going through Covid. We held Zoom calls with professional footballers and get their view on the game.

“We coped quite well to be honest and now we are carrying out the correct procedures in our sessions.

“The club is just going from strength to strength over the years and we are adding an extra girls team this year. We have 300 players on our books of all ages.”

It is hoped the seniors team brings back an ‘historical win’ over the weekend as a ‘great way’ to mark the 25th season in the community.

Keiran added: “We have a clear pathway for everyone to progress. The next thing for us is the women’s team, then we have the full house.

“I’ve been with the club for 12 years, both my boys have played, and to see the progress over the last decade, it’s been fantastic.

“They had five teams when I joined, there’s now 16. We are also the only gold accredited club in Wrexham which is massive for us.

“The club itself has progressed massively. A few of us are now asking the question of what can we do next?

"I should add a huge thanks to our sponsors and the community for their support over the years."