WALES' First Minister Mark Drakeford urged people to take a holiday at home and not travel abroad this summer.

“Our advice to people in Wales hasn’t changed. This is the year to take your holiday at home,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“Visiting other countries, even on the amber list, will pose risks to you and to others.

“Risks of re-importing the virus into Wales, risks of new variants that are occurring in other parts of the world could make their way back to the UK.

“Unless you have a compelling reason to travel abroad, surely this year is the year to enjoy everything that Wales has to offer.

“That’s been our message to people in Wales throughout.”

Meanwhile, Mr Drakeford said the Welsh Government would continue to support people to take “small but successful” measures following the easing of restrictions.

“We are easing restrictions here in Wales but continue to do it in a careful step by step way and thinking all the time about those people who remain clinically vulnerable,” he told BBC Breakfast.

“We certainly haven’t forgotten the lessons here in Wales and that is why our approach continues to be one in which we will not be going for a free-for-all end to restrictions.

“The responsibility is not simply to ourselves.”

He continued: “The way we behave, the way we go about our daily lives makes a difference to the safety of other people and I think that has been a striking hallmark of the way that people in Wales have responded to the pandemic.

“As a Government we want to go on supporting people to carry out those small but successful measures that each one of us can take because they help to keep us all safe.”