A FLINTSHIRE animal rescue is appealing for volunteers to come forward and help them make a difference.

The team at Jackson's Place have been busily working away in Padeswood getting their new facility ready - and now they are ready to welcome volunteers onto the rescue site to help them further.

Formerly known as Wirral Animal Sanctuary, Jackson's Place took over the former Capricorn Animal Rescue in September 2020.

The site was left in a huge state of disrepair, but volunteers have since made real progress on cattery facilities as well as farmyard animal enclosures, aviaries and rabbit runs.

But they need help to continue doing this amazing work for the animals of North Wales that need a second chance.

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A spokesman for Jackson's Place said: "The volunteering work here involves cleaning and feeding animals such as cats, rabbits, wild birds, ducks, and farm animals. There are no dogs in the rescue and will not be for some time.

"There are also opportunities to help with groundwork, general DIY and gardening.

"This site is still undergoing a huge amount of renovation, and therefore areas of the ground are very uneven, and get very wet in the rain. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone with mobility needs at this time, but we are working towards this in the future."

They stress that many people have been wanting to volunteer since their arrival in North Wales and - if they're not able fit you in on this round of inductions, there will be further opportunities in the future.

Here's what you need to know about volunteering:

• The work is physically demanding, involves heavy lifting, and dealing with large animals, therefore you must be physically fit enough to manage this safely.

• All volunteers must be 18 years or older, it is not possibly for those younger than 18 to come with parents/carers.

• The work starts at 10am (seven days a week) and there is no minimum commitment on how many hours/days that you attend.

• The team have COVID-19 restrictions in place on site and ask all volunteers to adhere to these at all times. Face coverings must be worn when working inside.

To enquire about an induction for volunteer training in Padeswood, you can send a message their Facebook page (Jackson's Animal Rescue).

If you're unable to volunteer, there are still many ways you can offer support.

You can call into their shop on Shotton High Street and make donations/purchases or you can support their latest fundraising effort to cover the costs of new rabbit/guinea pig cabins.