IT’S something we’ve all done.

Taken our stale bread to feed the birds in the park especially if we have young children with us.

But Wrexham Council have asked you not to do that as - simply put - it’s not good for them and in some cases can cause a lot of harm.

They say that bread is the equivalent of junk food for birds and, just as with humans, too much of it can lead to weight gain and illness.

It also attracts vermin such as rats - which is something none of us wants to see in the beautiful parks across Wrexham.

What should I feed them then?

The good news is there are lots of other household goodies and leftovers we can feed them such as:

• Sweetcorn

• Wheat, barley, or similar grains

• Oats (uncooked; rolled or quick)

• Rice (plain white or brown, cooked or uncooked, whole or instant)

• Milo seed

• Birdseed (any type or mix)

• Grapes (cut in half or quartered if very large)

• Lettuce – they’re surprisingly partial to lettuce

Cllr David A Bithell, Lead Member for Environment and Transport, said: “We all love feeding the birds but bread is harmful to them.

“There’s lots of other things they can eat which most of us will have in our cupboards and fridges. Bread also attracts rats and controlling them whilst not harming any other wildlife in the area can be difficult.

“Please help us to look after our lovely parks to keep them and their inhabitants in top condition.”