YOUR regional MSs for North Wales have been declared.

As well as local constituency seats, residents across the region decided on the party who should represent them as a North Wales MS.

Along with North Wales - an additional four members are elected to the Senedd from Mid and West Wales, South Wales West, South Wales Central and South Wales East.

In North Wales, results tallied up from all six counties were announced on May 7, shortly before 10.30pm, at Coleg Cambria’s sports facility in Deeside, Flintshire.

Two of those were won by the Welsh Conservatives and will see the leader of Conwy council, Sam Rowlands, join the Senedd alongside Mark Isherwood who has served in the Senedd since 2003.

Watch all the elected North Wales MSs speeches in the clips below:

Plaid Cymru retained their seat held prior to this election – keeping Llyr Gruffydd in the Welsh Parliament for another five years.

Mr Gruffydd expressed his gratitude for those who voted for his party but shared his frustration on losing a second Plaid seat for Wrexham’s Carrie Harper.

In his brief speech after being elected, he explained that the seat was lost by just 21 votes but was confident that come the next election that gap would close.

Finally, Welsh Labour obtained a place with Carolyn Thomas, the deputy leader of Flintshire Council.

At close of play Friday, May 7, it seems Welsh Labour are heading for a majority Government.

Here is a full list of how voting for the North Wales list played out:

• Labour - 73,120

• Conservatives - 67,544

• Plaid Cymru - 53,950

• Abolish - 7,960

• Liberal Democrats - 7,160

• Green - 6,586

• UKIP - 3,573

• Reform UK - 2,374

• Gwlad - 1,228

• Freedom Alliance - 1,186

• Communist - 557

• Brown (Independent) - 382

• Trade Union - 164