A YOUNG Wrexham boy has been 'making the world a better place' thanks to his hard work in the local community.

Two-year-old Louie Melville has been hard at work in Caia Park as he has been picking up bags of rubbish on his daily walks in a bid to make his community a better place.

Mum Bethany Jones said she was unbelievably proud of her young son who has gone above and beyond.

She told the Leader: "We go out for a walk every day and switch up our routes, one day we walked a different way in our area and noticed so much litter in hedges, and scattered absolutely everywhere.

"Every day and im from Caia Park is not best area live in but there was so much rubbish, it was vile. Louie said to me 'Louie pick it up' but I had no gloves and there were no bins.

"We went home and I ordered him a litter picker and a high-vis jacket and when it came we went back out. We collected three massive bin bags and as we were doing it, a police man walked past and gave him a thumbs up and praise, it made his day - he loved it.

Louie Melville

Louie Melville

"He was so proud. At home he knows to pick things up and keep the area clean so when he saw all the rubbish outside he wanted to do something about it."

Young Louie was that invested in the job that he wanted to keep going until all the rubbish was collected.

Bethany added: "I'm really proud of him. Wehn we collected the three bin bags I said shall we go home but he said no, look over there there's more rubbish.

"He's only two and he's out there helping the community, making the world a better place.

"We are going to go out more. I think everyone should get involved, litter shouldn't be an issue, just put it in a bin.

"It's important for the environment, we should be teaching kids from a young age, it's basic manners.

"He's done a really good job in helping make the community a better place, he just wants to keep going."