There's no masking our delight as we look to celebrate this year's National Superhero Day.

The day was originally founded by Marvel Comics in 1995, and celebrates all that's good and inspiring about the people we admire.

But those heroes don't have to be from the pages of a comic or off big screen. They could be a parent or friend, teacher, nurse or neighbour. Capes optional.

If the last year has taught us anything, it's that we are surrounded by everyday heroes.

So who is the hero you look up to? Whether it's the qualities of a fictional superhero - the fight against injustice, the quest to always do what's right - or someone with their feet on the ground, let us know what it is that makes them super to you.

From Marvel and DC Comics to your school, home or workplace, let's unmask your superheroes.

Tell us all about your hero here or email