A WREXHAM woman is one of many who started her own community enterprise to offer companionship and support for people struggling during the pandemic.

Moya Pearson started her own community enterprise after caring for her mother for a number of years.

Moya was able to support her mother to keep living independently and after she found herself facing redundancy, after working in the civil service for 29 years, she thought about offering care and support to others full time.

Moya wanted to use the skills she had learnt when providing quality support to her mother to deliver a tailored service for other people in her community.

After completing the Community Catalysts’ Development Programme, she now has everything she needs in place to deliver a legal, safe, effective and sustainable community enterprise.

Moya is just one person who has been helped by the programme and is able to help others in the community as a result.

She said she feels ‘empowered’ and provides ‘support that makes a difference’.

More information can be found online at https://www.communitycatalysts.co.uk/story/home-assist-wrexham/

Wrexham council is working with Community Catalysts and other local partners on a two-year community enterprise project to improve help and support for older and disabled people in Wrexham.

The project will build on the hub of entrepreneurship, creativity and industry over the years by working with people who want to develop small community enterprises and ventures offering a wide range of help and support.

As well as helping to set up new community enterprises, there’ll also be advice for small groups and organisations already established in Wrexham who are looking to diversify or extend what they offer, helping local people to help other local people.

Steve Latham-White Commissioning Manager said: “We are very pleased to be working with Community Catalysts in developing sustainable, local enterprises able to respond to the needs of our older and disabled citizens.

"As well meeting local demand, the programme will encourage a new type of social care workforce providing additional work opportunities for people-working in a way that suits them and their family at these challenging times.

“The free support from Community Catalysts will help budding entrepreneurs to understand how to provide the best care and support that they can. Win Win for all.”

The project aims to learn from shared experiences and actively use this to benefit people by improving the way that health and care works here in Wrexham.

Tom Hughes, Project Lead, added: “Never more than now have people needed opportunities to generate their own income and deliver the much needed support in our communities. We look to help local people unleash their creativity and passion to support more people in the community.”

You can contact Tom by email – tom.hughes@communitycatalysts.co.uk or by phoning him on 07880 195114.