WREXHAM Lager has undergone its first rebrand in a decade as the brewery and the town itself enter an exciting new era.

With the takeover of Wrexham AFC by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElehenney, the town has been abuzz with hope for the future.

That combined with the rising popularity of the Bootlegger 1974 pilsner and the hope that Wales is steadily moving out of lockdown, the company thought it was perfect timing for the rebrand.




Another reason was that the large X on the previous logo meant pubgoers outside of Wales thoughts the brand was X Lager rather than Wrexham Lager.

Sales and operations manager Joss Roberts, who introduced the world to the Bootlegger brew a year ago, said: "It's ten years in now and we thought it was time.

"This year is out tenth anniversary, we've just won six gold awards in one year, we are coming out of a year of lockdown, and we have Ryan and Rob coming into the football club - it all just clicked. We thought let's rebrand now. It's been a crazy year and it just felt like the right time, that's the easiest way to put it. It just felt like the right time."

"We fortunately have had a good year, and that's down to the Wrexham people. We have new customers and followers all over. Wrexham to me, because I'm a Wrexham lad through and through, is something I came into as a fan and a supporter. I thought let's go back to the old iconic writing. From the reaction we've had that's what people wanted as well."

He added that the takeover of Wrexham AFC, which has always been closely associated with the lager, by Hollywood pals Ryan and Rob will opened up more opportunities in the future.

Joss said: "Hopefully we can work with them, they seem like they to want to support it. Wrexham is on a buzz and it gives it that extra lift as well."

The rebranded logo will initially feature on a new range of merchandise being launched on the Wrexham Lager website on Monday. Several of the branded clothing items - including tee and polo shirts - will be in classic sky blue, a colour forever associated with Wrexham Lager.

This is what Wrexham Lager have said about the rebrand:

What is the idea behind Wrexham Lager’s new logo?

It’s new but old…old but new, comfortingly familiar, with a new modern twist.

We recognise how Wrexham Lager is woven into the history and very fabric of our town, and what this means to our community.

Our product, its heritage, two symbolic words, which became a cornerstone in our pubs for generations. The logo, proudly worn by local sports teams and charities, Wrexham Lager will always be about the people, which is why it has such a special following that will never change.

Why rebrand now?

The simple answer is you. It has been nearly 10 years since Wrexham Lager was re-established in 2011.This year, a year full of uncertainty, could have been so very different for us. However, the support you have given us has been truly incredible, we will not forget it, and this is one way of acknowledging it.

What about the future?

Looking to the future, we want to grow stronger with our town, and we want the best for our customers, old and new, wherever you are. We are looking forward to being in the community more, we aim to further enhance our sporting links and build new customer relations, locally and afar.

We truly believe the very best times are ahead, and we cannot wait to share them with you all.

A final word?

So once again, a huge thank you for the support over the last year, the past 10 years, and we can’t wait for the next chapter.

Brewed in Wales. Enjoyed everywhere!