THE parents of "Unbeatable Eva" have launched an official website for the charity that has been set up in her name.

Eva Williams's battle with an incurable brain tumour touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Despite a devastating diagnosis of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) just over a year ago, the remarkable and fearless 10-year-old from Marford made them believe she would get better.

She inspired thousands of people to support fundraising efforts to treat her, and attended every treatment session with a smile.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of Marford and Gresford, many wearing her favourite colour purple, lined the streets to give her the send off she deserved on the day of her funeral in February.

Now, in Eva's memory, her parents Paul Slapa and Carran Williams have set up a charity and website to help other children and fun research.

Eva's parents chose Easter weekend, one of Eva's favourite times of the year, to tell people about the new website.

Paul said: "During the last few months of Eva’s illness, she had been looking ahead to Easter. Her goal, especially as she struggled with her eating, was to get well enough to be able to enjoy some Easter eggs, and so, it feels like this weekend is the right time to update you on what is happening with the charity.

"We are pleased to be able to share with you today the official launch of our website:

"The website gives more information on what The Unbeatable Eva Foundation is about, and will be a place where, over time, we can share event information, details about clinical trials / research, and an area for families who are thrust into the world of DIPG to go to learn more about how we can hopefully help them.

"In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you our plans for the future, and we hope that you will all continue to be as supportive to the Foundation as you were to Eva. Eva’s wish was always to help other children in her situation, and that wish will live on through all of us."

Along with the new website, Paul and Carran have launched a number of new ways to donate and continuing to raise funds for the foundation.

This will be key in helping the charity achieve its goals.

Paul explained: "The charity aims to provide children diagnosed with DIPG with amazing treasure boxes filled with gifts, in the hope that we can bring some smiles to their faces.

"We also are looking to fund clinical trials in the UK, ensuring children and families no longer need to raise obscene amounts of money to get treatment which they deserve, and it is with great excitement that we can say we are already in talks with the right people to make this happen."

Paul and Carran will be sharing ways people can support the charity over the next few days and weeks.

One way people can support the charity is by using AmazonSmile.

Paul added: "AmazonSmile is a simple way of donating to a charity without actually spending anything more than you are already doing so. When you buy products through Amazon, using the AmazonSmile link, Amazon automatically donates a portion (0.5%) of the purchase price to your chosen charity.

"Though this may not seem a huge amount when you look at a single purchase, they all add up, and this is a great way of donating.

"In order to support us through Amazon, follow the link below and you can select The Unbeatable Eva Foundation as your chosen charity.

"Once this is complete, as many of us shop via mobile app rather than on a website, you can also set up your Amazon app to ensure donations are made via AmazonSmile. To do this, open the app, go to Settings, then AmazonSmile, then simply turn ‘on’ AmazonSmile and follow the instructions."

Supporters can use the AmazonSmile link here

They can like the new the charity's Facebook page at page at