A SEALAND soil supplier is set to help welcome people back into Wales – with a flag there is no chance of people missing!

Dandy's Topsoil and Turf, based on Sealand Road, announced they would be proudly flying what they claim will become the largest Welsh flag to fly in the United Kingdom as a way of greeting visitors crossing the Welsh border once they are allowed back into Wales.

The giant flag is being produced by Flying Colours Flagmakers, a company based in North Yorkshire.

Amanda Arnold, director of marketing at Dandy's, said: “We wanted to do something to welcome visitors back to Wales after such a terrible year for the country as a whole once lockdown was lifted, so what better way than by commissioning what will be the largest Welsh flag to be flown anywhere in the UK, on our giant flag pole above the gateway from England in to Wales where our head offices are based.

“Due to the sheer size of the flag, we have spent months researching and testing different flag materials, as well as speaking with the owners of the largest flag currently flying in the USA at Acuity Insurance in Wisconsin and adapting stitching patterns to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

“The flag will also be lowered during bad weather to help extend its life.”


Late last night, on March 25, Welsh Government revealed its next step out of lockdown which included the ‘stay local’ rule being lifted and the allowance for self-contained accommodation reopening – however they may only be used by Welsh residents at this time.

At present, Welsh Government says travel into Wales from other parts of the UK is not allowed without a reasonable excuse, for example, travelling for work purposes.

Taking a holiday is not currently considered a reasonable excuse.