With Easter just over a week away, many will already be thinking about stocking up their cupboards with sweet treats ahead of the holiday. 

But with so many different Easter eggs on supermarket shelves including own brands, deciding which ones to buy can be a difficult decision.

In 2021, Easter Sunday falls on April 4 and for the chocolate lovers amongst us, which eggs give the best value for money?

Here we rate and review a range of supermarket Easter eggs, from big names to own brands.

Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co. Single Origin Dark Chocolate Shimmer Egg – £8.50

If you’re a fan of dark chocolate then this beautifully presented Easter egg, with its pretty gold shimmer design, will be right up your street.

The delicious dark chocolate is not too bitter in taste, but it is quite a hard chocolate to bite into. 4/5

Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co. Hand Decorated Vegan Chocolate Egg – £10

This Easter egg has an artistic hand decorated design and is perfect for those who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Made with cocoa butter and rice powder, this egg is soft in texture, but has a unique taste that some may love and some may dislike.

However, the egg is gluten free and milk free so is a good option for those with certain dietary requirements.  3/5

Sainsbury’s Cocoa & Co. Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg – £4.50

The front of this Easter egg also has a delicate and eye-catching hand decorated design, with the back having a smooth chocolate appearance.

The chocolate is thick but soft in texture, and offers a deliciously creamy and rich chocolate taste. 5/5

M&S Egg Plant Kitchen – £6

This medium sized, aubergine shaped hollow vegan chocolate egg would make a tongue in cheek gift for a friend on a plant based diet.

However, be warned that the chocolate will most likely taste too sweet for dark chocolate aficionados, yet might not be sweet enough to keep kids happy.

A fun gimmick at a reasonably low price, but the chocolate flavour lacks depth. 2/5

M&S Collection Single Origin Milk Chocolate Egg with Truffles -£15

A delicious hollow egg made of milk chocolate for a grown up palate – not too sweet but undeniably creamy.

The included melt in the mouth truffles are an added bonus.

The packaging is visually stunning, but the egg is too expensive for what it offers. 3/5

M&S The Ombles – £6

This large, hollow quirky milk and white chocolate character is aimed at kids, but the flaky coating is likely to cause a mess.

That being said, the unusual texture adds something new to the traditional Easter egg.

The chocolate itself has a pleasant flavour and is surprisingly delicate.

It’s a fun and unusual concept, which feels good value for money. 3/5

M&S The Mini Ombles – £5

The Mini Ombles are a more bitesize version of the original, though the chocolate doesn’t taste quite as high quality.

Easier for sharing and with less potential for mess, these would make a nice gift for children without causing too much of a sugar rush. 2/5

Tesco Cadbury Mini Eggs Easter Egg – £12

While this offering from Tesco sits at the higher end of the Easter egg price scale, it’s definitely bang for your buck, with the egg so large it would be difficult for most to eat in one sitting.

The egg is made from Cadbury’s classic Dairy Milk chocolate, meaning it avoids the cheap advent calendar-style taste of some eggs at the lower end of the price scale.

The chocolate is thick, rich and smooth, making for an extremely tasty treat. Encased within it are delicious, tiny sugar-coated candies which look and taste like mini smarties, adding extra texture and taste that make this a truly stand-out Easter egg.

As an added bonus, the egg also comes with a small bag of irresistible mini eggs, guaranteed to be gone in seconds on Easter Sunday. 5/5

Tesco Terry’s Chocolate Orange Egg With Bars – £3

This offering from Terry’s delivers both on taste and value, with the £3 price tag getting you both a sizeable chocolate orange egg and two chocolate orange bars to go along with it.

While the egg hits all the notes of Terry’s trademark chocolate orange flavour, it’s a little on the thinner side, meaning it doesn’t offer quite the same strength of flavour as you may be used to in the chocolate orange segments.

The chocolate bars, however, do deliver on this front, as they’re made up of mini segments in the style of the original Terry’s orange. These segment shapes do make the bars a little hard to break apart, but given how tasty they are, you’re unlikely to want to share. 4/5

Asda Egg-Splosion Milk Chocolate Caramel Easter Egg – £3

This egg is particularly appealing to look at, with a pretty outer shell decorated with swirls of white and dark chocolate alongside crunchy caramel pieces.

Luckily, appearances do not deceive here. The crispy pieces embedded into the egg offer a delicious extra texture to complement the smooth milk chocolate of the egg.

Though they’re caramel pieces, the caramel flavour is subtle here; the chocolate/crispy pieces combination reminded the reviewer more of rice krispie chocolate cakes – another Easter favourite.

The swirls of white chocolate are detectable but the dark chocolate swirls disappear in the taste somewhat. Overall, the egg is delicious and good value, though it’s a shame the crispy section is only embedded on one side. 3/5

Asda Egg-Splosion White Chocolate Jazzie Easter Egg – £3

Popping with a multitude of different colours and sprinkles, this is an egg which would appeal particularly to children.

The taste, too, would be more suitable for a child’s palette; the white chocolate is extra sweet, with the flavour bolstered by the colourful sprinkles embedded into the egg.

As with the milk chocolate version, the stand-out part of this egg is the decorative front, with the crunchy chocolate pieces adding a delicious texture and combination of flavours. 3/5

Asda White Chocolate Chick – £2

This cute Easter chick is made from creamy white chocolate which, though sweet, avoids being too sweet and is similar in taste to milkybar.

It’s rich, smooth in the mouth and leaves no bad aftertaste. Less sweet than Asda’s white chocolate jazzie egg, it’d make a nice gift even for an adult.

The small addition of dark chocolate in the bow is a nice touch, though given how delicious the white and dark chocolate combination is, the reviewer was left wishing there was a little more dark chocolate to go around. 3/5

Tesco Free From White Chocolate Egg & Strawberry – £2.50

While this is an egg that purports to mimic white chocolate without the dairy or gluten, it slightly misses the mark – tasting much more like yoghurt.

This isn’t entirely a bad thing, however, as the chocolate was relatively smooth and retains a creaminess that might surprise non-vegans.

While the freeze-dried strawberry pieces add extra sweetness to the egg, this is perhaps an occasion where the added extra made the egg a little too sweet for the reviewer’s liking. 2/5

Tesco Free From Cluckie the Choc Chick  – £3.50

This egg, though made in an admittedly cute mould, was far less appealing than the free from white chocolate egg offered by Tesco, lacking in flavour and leaving a slightly bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

The chocolate was still relatively smooth, but tasted slightly on the cheaper side and didn’t make for a convincing free from replacement for dairy chocolate.

Thorntons Continental Statement Easter Egg – £20

This is easily the most expensive Easter Egg on this list by double, and everything about it feels like it justifies the price.

The egg itself is a gigantic milk chocolate offering with some streaks of white and dark chocolate for decorative purposes.

The real treat here however isn’t actually the egg, but the box of 10 continental chocolates that come with it – these chocolates boast a range of flavours with something to suit everyone. 5/5

Thorntons Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Model – £10

This Easter Egg isn’t actually an egg at all, but a delightfully cutesy model of the Easter Bunny.

It’s clear that this item is geared more towards a younger audience, as is evidence in both the presentation and the taste.

The chocolate is very sweet, verging on the sickly side, but this is unlikely going to be something that children are going to complain about, and will certainly be a big hit regardless. 3/5

Thorntons Toffee, Fudge and Caramel Easter Egg – £10

Similarly to the Continental Statement Easter Egg from Thorntons, this treat also comes with a selection of additional chocolates. Definitely not for the casual fan of toffee, fudge and caramel, these chocolates pack a sweet punch.

In terms of the egg itself, it tastes much less sweet than the accompanying chocolates which is probably for the best, however it doesn’t taste quite as smooth or as satisfying as some of the others included on this list. 3/5

Lidl Deluxe Ultimate Fruit & Nut Egg – £9.99

The Deluxe Fruit & Nut Egg from Lidl is quite the spectacle as it’s a three in one egg – three layers of different flavours all stacked inside one another.

The outer layer is milk chocolate studded with masses of chopped hazelnuts, the middle layer is a dark chocolate egg adorned with sour cherries and the innermost layer is a white chocolate egg covered in pistachios and dried raspberry pieces.

This egg was easily one of the best eggs hands down, with a special shoutout for the dark chocolate and sour cherry layer.

The chocolate and toppings of all three layers are well thought out and put together, the ingredients taste high quality and the price is a bargain. 5/5

Lidl Deluxe Extra Premium Easter Egg – Valencian Orange Milk Chocolate – £5.99

This chocolate Easter Egg features a strong chocolate orange flavour without being too overpowering.

The chocolate itself is quite thin and has a good snap to it, and the dusting of gold lustre on the outside of the egg is a nice touch.

Definitely a winner for chocolate orange fans who are looking for a treat this Easter, but not looking for anything too extravagant. 3/5

Lidl Deluxe Extra Premium Easter Egg – Honeycomb Dark Chocolate – £5.99

If you have a dark chocolate lover in your life, this is bound to go down well with them. The dark chocolate shell is crisp and not too bitter, and is laced with pieces of honeycomb throughout.

The honeycomb pieces are somewhat sparse, but the flavour is still delicious and delightfully moreish. 3/5

Waitrose No.1 Milk Chocolate with Champagne Truffles Easter Egg  – £10

We adored the chocolate of this egg, a crisp, perfectly balanced sweetness and gorgeously creamy mouthfeel – milk chocolate perfection.

It was a touch disappointing then to trial the champagne truffles (two milk, two dark), all of which tasted entirely too rich and too sweet to be pleasurable. Still, the egg itself is fabulous. 3/5

Waitrose No.1 Dark Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffles Easter Egg – £10

Here again we have the disappointingly saccharine truffles, but paired with a dark chocolate egg that will delight people who enjoy their chocolate heavy on the cocoa.

Cracks beautifully into rich, satisfying shards. 3/5

Morrisons The Best Gold Lustre Easter Egg – £8

This layered egg – with a thick milk chocolate shell, dark middle layer and golden milk chocolate egg at the centre – has an impressively smooth mouthfeel, though we found the dark chocolate more sugary than you’d expect.

There’s no nuance to this egg, rather blandly sweet chocolate, but the extra thickness of the layers means that if you crave a chocolatey wallop, you’ll be well served. 3/5

Morrisons The Best Belgian white chocolate Easter egg – £5

This was by far our favourite of the Morrisons offerings. Although the white chocolate is characteristically sweet, it’s not sickly.

The egg is flecked with dried raspberries, the tartness of which perfectly offsets the sugariness of the white chocolate.

Texturally, it’s smooth and creamy – a genuine treat for only a fiver. 4/5

Morrisons Candy Chaos White Chocolate Easter Egg – £4

We presented this egg, with an aesthetic aimed at children, to our seven-year-old and she; literally  squealed with delight.

It’s a fun look, with chocolate casing embossed with a mess of gumdrops and mini chocolate.

While our aforementioned child enjoyed every mouthful she stole, we found the white chocolate cloyingly sweet with a grainy mouthful.

Perfect for pleasing little’uns – not so much chocolate connoisseurs. 3/5

Aldi Moser Roth Mini Ripple Egg Tasting Selection – £5.99

This trio of eggs would make a lovely gift, and the ripple effect of the eggs and decoration make them look a lot more expensive than they are.

Inside you’ll find a Belgian milk chocolate and salted caramel egg, a Belgian white chocolate and forest fruits egg and a Belgian dark chocolate and orange egg.

My favourite was the dark chocolate egg as it wasn’t too sweet but each egg balanced sweetness with flavour and were all surprisingly delicate. 3/5

Aldi Roth Blonde Chocolate Geometric Egg – £2.99

For anyone that misses caramac bars, this is the Easter treat for you.

White chocolate is mixed with caramel in this arty looking egg that has been hand decorated.

It’s very sweet, as you can imagine, so a little goes a long way. 3/5

Guylian Easter egg with Seashell chocolates – £8

Available in most big supermarkets, this Belgian chocolate egg comes with a box of seashell truffles.

For this year the Easter egg from Guylian has no foil, no plastic holder for the egg and 100 per cent recyclable card packaging.

The chocolate egg is smooth and creamy, without being too sweet while the truffles are bitesized and decadent – with a rich praline centre. An absolute joy for those that love quality chocolate. 5/5