POLICE have been out across Ponciau and Cefn Mawr over the weekend as part of an initiative to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The officers were on patrol in those areas as part of Operation Blue Hummingbird,it has been confirmed.

Wrexham Rural District Inspector Gavin Gilmore said: "Anti-social behaviour and low level crime has been increasing in different areas across the Wrexham Rural area.

"The operation has been set up to prevent problems in identified hotspots, reassure the community, engage with youths and work with partner agencies to provide intervention and education to youths and their respective parents.

"This operation has been specifically set up following concerns raised by members of the community within Brynteg/Southsea and Cefn Mawr.

"Over this recent weekend, there have been no youth related anti-social behaviour in the targeted areas.

"As part of this operation PCSO Lara Shiers completed a crime prevention stand held within the Tesco store Cefn Mawr, which allowed members of the community to engage with our Neighbourhood Policing team."