If there's one thing that can really date a photo, it's cars. What were once the latest set of wheels, are now classics, or wrecks.

And it was this that got me feeling nostalgic about things.

One way or another our motors have a special place in the memories we have.

I passed my test first time (just) but stalled my car on an incredibly busy roundabout at rush hour the very next day.

I can still hear the horns and feel the heat rising in my very flushed face.

And when I went on to sell that car, a little old red Fiesta called Doris, I cried like a baby.

So it was with that I asked members of our Local Bygones Facebook group to share details about their driving tests and first cars...

If you would like to share your learning to drive experiences or a photo of your first car, please email claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

Rupert Edwards: Ford Escort mk2 1300 sport. Still got it.

Rupert Edwards: "Ford Escort mk2 1300 sport. Still got it."

Pete Roberts: "I passed my driving test in 1988 and when the examiner came out I thought 'crikey he looks like Alfred the butler off Batman'. What was his name? Mister Butler."

John Harries: "I passed my car test first time (1973) and coach test first time (1977).

"I remember on my coach test the instructions were to stop in a convenient place. He said this on the Wrexham bypass, so I left the bypass and parked in a layby. He then said I wanted you to stop on the bypass, so I said it was a clear way no stopping.

"He took me through Wrexham and back to Llay and said 'you passed your test'. He then said 'it was a trick question I asked you on the bypass'."

Sue Donovans first car, 1968, Ford Anglia.

Sue Donovan's first car, 1968, Ford Anglia.

Rose Thomas: "My husband decided he could teach me to drive. I only got to the junction at the bottom of the road, where we were turning left.

"Me, in my infinite wisdom, stopped in the middle of the road, so when he yelled to turn the steering wheel left as I was pulling out, I spun it so hard we went up the kerb and up the wall.

"Of course I jumped out and left my hubby in the car, propped up against the wall! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out he didn't take me driving again."

Sheelagh MacKenzie Jones: "First test, doing a three point turn, my left leg went completely to jelly, so much so, I couldn't move it.

"What didn't help, there were cars waiting either side for me to finish, then when reversing round a corner, a white van, just appeared from nowhere.

"Needless to say I failed, but passed second time, with only two minor faults."

Rob Richardson: "My first car was a 1974 Morris Marina 1.8 SL in harvest gold. The reg was UFM 679N, a thirsty motor, so I eventually traded it for a 1978 Mini 1000."

Martin Davies and his first car, a Mini.

Martin Davies and his first car, a Mini.

Samantha Jones: "I passed February 28 last year. Probably one of the last tests before covid."

Jill Povey: "When I got to the test centre with my mum (third attempt), my mum recognised the examiner as the one she had had.

"During the test he forgot which manoeuvres we had done and I had to prompt him that we still needed to do a three point turn.

"After he passed me all he said was that he liked the colour of the car!"

Sean Evans: "I passed my test in Scarborough. That was at 11am one day in 1997. At 2pm the same day I drove to Aberdeen."

Jackie Aitken said of her first car: "Pale blue Mk 2 Ford Cortina. Ran her right into the scrap yard. Mornings spent taking the dizzy cap off and warming it in a low oven while I got washed and dressed. Those were the days."

Mark Rumens: My first car, Fiat 127 (k reg) pic taken 1979. I got it from Anchor Motors.

Mark Rumens: "My first car, Fiat 127 (k reg) pic taken 1979. I got it from Anchor Motors."

Allan Davies: "Passed my test on a double decker in Ardwick in Manchester, complete with skid pan in 1974."

Ken Spurdle: "My first test in 1963 you had to do hand signals for a few minutes of the test. As soon as we started, he put me on hand signals and never took me off them for all the test.

"Had to have the window down and it was raining. I failed but passed second time. I had a course of 10 lessons plus the test, for £10!"

Carolyn Givenchy Large: "My dad taught me in his Austin Princess, massive car it was. Lurched and rose up as you backed around corners. Said if I could drive that, I could drive a tank."

Dave Gemmell: "Was taught to drive by gent called Cyril in a Mini. It had a brake on his side, and he used to teach clutch control with a walking stick which he used to push your foot down."

And a special mention for Becca Martin, who passed after 10 attempts!

First vehicle for Raymond Thomas was a Austin Somerset van. He added: "But the first I bought was a Standard 8 for £30 and when it rained the back well flooded."