A Flintshire-based historian and author has shared a wonderful image of one of the county's villages.

Brian Bennett, from Buckley, who's most recent book - A Pictorial History of Mold & District - helped to raise funds for Mold Hospital, shares a few details about the fantastic photo...

"I was recently given a copy of the image, showing outside the Red Lion in Northop (Llaneugain) taken in c1920.

"This is a popular location for several old Northop picture postcards, but it is certainly the first time I personally have seen this particular image.

"Just look at those early charabancs - beautifully made and designed, but must have been a bit draughty/rocky and bumpy at times on those solid rubber tyres.

"Whatever happened to health and safety? No seat belts evident at that time and don't mention air con.

"I have no idea of the occasion, but certainly the passengers and entourage look to be dressed up for the occasion! In all probability a day trip to Rhyl.

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"This is a particularly interesting image, not only from early automobile period, but from a local history stance also, as it gives a wonderful insight of the row of cottages in the background - always known as 'Bent's cottages'.

"These two-up and two-down traditional cottages stood on the corner opposite the church gates until the early 1960s.

"Ye Old Red Lion and signage look very impressive, with guests or patrons allowed to gaze down from one of the balconies.

"A wonderful insight into how our early form of motorised travel looked and was enjoyed around the First World War period.

"The old motorised charabanc era did not last long and were used mostly for day trips and outings, as they were deemed not comfortable enough for longer journeys and were largely replaced by motor buses in the 1920s."

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