A CHANGE in the law to bring domestic abuse perpetrators to justice has been welcomed.

Non-fatal strangulation is set to become a criminal offence and Jack Sargeant, MS for Alyn and Deeside, has welcomed these proposed changes.

The Government is bringing in legislation that will make non-fatal strangulation a specific criminal offence via the Domestic Abuse Bill, carrying a potential prison sentence of up to seven years.

The decision comes following a sustained campaign from victims and activists with studies showing that up to 68 per cent of victims of recurring abuse have been subjected to strangulation.

It is hoped the new law will give the police and prosecutors the tools needed to bring violent abusers to justice.

Jack Sargeant MS said: "Non-fatal strangulation is used by domestic abuse perpetrators to terrify and control their partner. This is a well overdue change to the law and will raise awareness of the suffering it causes.

"It is thanks to the tireless work of campaigners such as Rachel Williams that this change has come about, and I hope it will give survivors of domestic abuse more confidence to come forward and seek justice.

"As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I would encourage everyone to call out domestic abuse in all its forms whenever you see it – it could be the difference between life or death."

Domestic abuse survivor and campaigner Rachel Williams added: “This is an amazing start to 2021 and by having NFS as a stand-alone charge it sends a strong message out to perpetrators of abuse that they will be held accountable.

“Finally, victims and survivor voices are being heard.”