Turning out in our hundreds to mingle and celebrate the festive season, seems a very distant memory.

So much has been missed this year but I think for many, it is really hitting home now Christmas is here.

No Victorian Christmas markets, pantomimes, street fairs, parades, parties or big light switch ons, just to name a few of the events put on hold for (hopefully) next year.

Even the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping has taken a big hit.

So today we look back on an occasion that will hopefully stir up good memories and raise a few smiles in the process.

The Father Christmas parade in Wrexham, back in November 1982, was clearly the place to be in the run up to the season of goodwill.

Hundreds of children and adults alike lined the streets to catch sight of the famous bearded gent himself, or one of the many floats created by various local groups.

Check out our gallery, and see if you can spot yourself.

If you have photos or a memory to share from this event, or any other festive moment, you can share it with us using the link below, or email claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk