OVERDOSING on a bad batch of drugs played its part in the death of a Wrexham man, an inquest heard.

An inquest was held for Richard Lee Evans who died last October at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

At a hearing in Denbighshire, assistant coroner David Pojur said that the 25-year-old was brought to hospital after taking synthetic cannabinoid – better known as ‘mamba’ – and collapsing on October 19.

The coroner said it is the sad reality of today that people can be commonly seen under the influence of these ‘dangerous’ drugs on the streets and how easily people can get their hands on them.

In the case of Mr Evans, of Johnson Street in Ponciau, the hearing was told how he had taken a batch of the drug that was later thought to be spiked and was rushed to hospital by ambulance at around 11pm.

Officers were already at the Maelor with a prisoner who had taken mamba and was also feeling ill effects. A third person was also said to be in the hospital with a similar situation – also having taken the drug.

The hearing was told that North Wales Police then issued a press release by social media alerting people that the tainted batch was in circulation locally, Mr Pojur said.

Following the serious medical episodes witnessed at the Maelor, police issued a statement warning of a “highly dangerous” batch of mamba being distributed in Wrexham.

They advised people in possession of the substance not to dispose of it safely, seek support from local drug services and urged anyone feeling unwell having taken this substance to find urgent medical assistance.

Meanwhile, Mr Evans suffered a cardiac arrest and sadly died a short while after.

The coroner concluded that Evans’ death was drug-related.