A CONNAH’S Quay man has been jailed for a knife attack in a pub.

Ben Randles, of St Mark’s Avenue, appeared at Mold Crown Court on Thursday for sentencing.

The 27-year-old had previously admitted wounding Lewis Mills, as well as having an article with a blade or point in a public place.

Ffion Tomos, prosecuting, said Mr Mills had provided police with a statement in August this year regarding the theft of his car, which Randles was suspected of being involved in.

Days later, on August 29, Mr Mills received between 20 and 30 phone calls from Randles.

Ms Tomos said he was aggressive and made threats including that he would “slice” and “put a knife in him.”

He threatened to put Mr Mills “into hospital for a long time,” the court heard.

That evening Mr Mills went to the Melrose Inn Pub in Shotton - where Randles later turned up.

He gestured Mr Mills to approach him, which he did.

Randles turned away, and then “spun back holding a large knife.”

In an incident captured on CCTV, he “violently slashed and stabbed” at Mr Mills.

The victim was left with injuries but got away and later said he had “no idea how he managed to avoid being stabbed in the stomach.”

He was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital and was left shocked, scared and in pain.

Randles was arrested at his home on August 30 and although the knife was not found, officers discovered a knuckle duster.

The court also heard how in 2018, Randles was jailed after having threatened to stab a barmaid.

Matthew Curtis, defending, said his client’s guilty plea was “the greatest credit” he could advance on his behalf.

Judge Timothy Petts told Randles: “At the end of August you clearly had a grudge against Mr Mills.

“You considered he was a ‘grass’ and made a series of aggressive calls to him.

“That night you were outside the pub where he was drinking, knowing he would be there.

“You armed yourself in preparation for meeting him.

“He thought, understandably, that you were trying to kill him.

“The photos I have seen of his forehead, finger and thigh are disturbing.

“It is clear you have some mental health issues.

“You pose a high risk of further offending and a very high risk to the public - you are a dangerous offender.”

For the wounding offence, the Judge gave Randles an extended sentence of eight years and ten months, comprising a custodial term of five years and four months, as well as an extended licence period of three years and six months.

For the possession of a bladed or pointed article, he received a sentence of one year and four months to run concurrent.