A WREXHAM-based mental health and wellbeing charity has offered its thanks to the people who created fundraisers to support them throughout lockdown.

With usual fundraising activities cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, these funds have been needed now more than ever to keep charities alive.

Lorrisa Roberts, chief officer at Advance Brighter Futures (ABF), says that fundraisers have been “so important” to small charities like theirs.

She said: “We’d like to express a heartfelt thanks to all the people who have picked ABF for their fundraisers, as these have been a vital support to us.

“Whether it’s a birthday fundraiser, or done in memory of a loved one, these have all really helped us to continue our work in the community.

“Sometimes we get forgotten about a bit, and people tend to choose bigger, national charities for such things, but when you pick a small charity such as ourselves the money goes directly to helping people in your local area.”

One recent fundraiser totalled more than £1,000 - which the charity were incredibly grateful for.

This fundraiser was set up in memory of Dorothy ‘Dolly’ Tomlinson who passed away last month, aged 85, by Dolly’s granddaughter Linsey Cavanagh.

Linsey said: “Dolly always looked out for everyone. She taught her family to stick together and not be scared to talk to each other if they felt they down.

“She was such a loving, caring person and we have all been so lucky to have her in our lives.”

Supporting mental health was very important to Dolly as her son Wayne sadly died from suicide 30 years ago, at the age of 25.

Linsey explained how family-oriented Dolly was massively affected by the loss of her son and wished that there was a place he could have gone to chat with people about his troubles.

The family also believe that Dolly would be happy that the funds raised are supporting a smaller, local charity as this is something she always tried to do throughout her life.

Linsey continued: “We were looking for a local mental health charity that helps local people and a friend of my brothers recommended Advance Brighter Futures.

“Dolly always believed that local charities would get overlooked for bigger charities and always believed that whilst national charities are good, local charities can have an impact on people in person.

“She would always ensure she supported local charities as much as she could.”

If you would like to create a fundraiser for Advance Brighter Futures, information on how to set one up can be found on their Facebook.

Or if you think you can help ABF with its fundraising efforts in a different way, please email Cath@abfwxm.co.uk.