PROTESTERS of all ages placed empty plates on the doorstep of Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton's office.

The protest was against Ms Atherton's vote, along with 317 other Conservative MPs and one independent, against Labour's motion to extend free meals over school holidays until Easter 2021 in England.

Five Conservatives MPs voted for the extension while 318 voted against it, which was enough to win the day.

MP for Wrexham Sarah Atherton, MP for Clwyd South Simon Baynes and Delyn's Rob Roberts voted against the motion.

The voting of the North Wales Conservative MPs has sparked outrage.

The Leader:

Bobbi Cockcroft at the protest

It prompted history student and mum of three Bobbi Cockcroft to organise a protest by people who don't believe the Conservative MP speaks for them.

Dozens of plates were left by people, young and old, properly socially distanced, with messages such as "meal snatcher", "shameful Sarah", "tin pot Tory" and "You do not speak for Wrexham".

Bobbi said: “We organised this event to express our disgust that our relatively new Tory MP has voted against feeding children in England during the school break. People left their empty plates and messages and dispersed safely and quickly.

"Thankfully, this nasty decision by the Tories doesn’t affect us in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland but we find her decision to do this whilst representing our town embarrassing frankly. We want to let families in England know we want no association with it. It’s nasty, cold hearted and shows the Tories live in a Westminster elitist bubble and not in the real world with the rest of us.”

She told the Leader: "It was absolutely insane. To have that many listen to me and turn up was just outstanding.

"I'm so proud of Wrexham."

The Leader:

The protest at Sarah Atherton MP's office. Photo: Jason Samuels

Bobbi added: "I'm fortunate enough to live in Wales, I'm fortunate enough not to need assistance for school meals, but I don't think I'm above not being in that position within a month or two if my circumstance changed. I just think that our MP, and Simon Baynes too or any Tory MP who voted in favour of not extending the scheme, need to know that the people aren't happy. We do not support what they're saying. They do not speak for us. And the people of England need to know that we empathise with them."

She added that England and Manchester footballer Marcus Rashford who has led the campaign to extend free school meals has been an inspiration.

"He's been amazing with the work he's done, the money he's donated, and the work he continues to do. He is providing inspiration to the community.

"I don't think Marcus Rashford is a parent himself but he's obviously from a background where he's had to rely on resources like that in the past. I was a free school meal child, he's lived it and children in England are living it again."

The Leader:

Families placing plates. Photo: Jason Samuels

The protest was captured by Wrexham photographer Jason Samuels.

Jason said: "A lot of empty plates, with powerful messages, placed outside Sarah Atherton MP office in Wrexham. A protest against the vote to stop free school meals for poor children. Great turn out and a lot of support from passing traffic.

"Well done Wrexham."

The Leader approached Ms Atherton's office for a response after the protest on Tuesday and again on Wednesday.