EVERYONE has a part to play in preventing the spread of coronavirus as a firebreak lockdown is introduced.

At the Welsh Government press conference on October 19, First Minister Mark Drakeford announced a ‘short and sharp’ two-week lockdown period of ‘steep’ restrictions.

These will come into force this Friday and will cover the half-term period, ending on November 9.

The law will mean that gatherings for Halloween and Bonfire night are banned but exceptions will be made for Remembrance Sunday organised events.

Mr Drakeford said that the idea behind the national restrictions mean that it will be ‘self-policing’.

He said if we have to rely on police forces and environmental health workers, we ‘will not succeed’.

The First Minister added that the only way Wales will succeed in bringing the transmission rates down is by people asking themselves what contribution they can make and what part they can play.

He stressed that people should not find ways around the rules and find loopholes or exceptions and contact should be stripped to a bare minimum.

Mr Drakeford said that police officers will be there when needed as will environmental health officers but the real way that rules work is not by ‘expecting others’ to take responsibility, but by ‘each one of us taking responsibility’.

The FM went on to say that every single contribution made is important. Some may seem minor but together they can ‘make a difference’, but ‘everyone has to play their part’.

He added that the majority of people ‘want to do the right thing’ and ‘do the right thing’, but in this period, everyone ‘must do the right thing’.

If not, it is other people’s futures being put at risk.

When asked about whether discussions were made about a longer lockdown, Mr Drakeford added that it was a choice between softer restrictions that last for longer, or harsher restrictions that are in place for a shorter period of time.

He said the scientific advice was for a two-week fire break right across the UK and Sir Kier Starmer, Labour Party Leader, has been advocating for this elsewhere.

He also said the lockdown is the ‘best chance’ of getting back to a position where the transmission rate is ‘lower and slower’ ahead of the Christmas period.

Further national measures may be needed but the First Minister said this is a ‘one step at a time’ approach.

He went on the say it was ‘always possible’ to make a case against something but that ‘misses the point of a fire break period’.

The lockdown period also means that ‘now is not the time to visit Wales’, and the First Minister said his message to people outside of Wales is ‘do not come’.

Those on the shielding list will also be receiving a letter this week offering advice on how they can stay safe.