A SIGHTING of a black disc in the skies about North Wales was also spotted in Chester.

The sighting above the former site of Brymbo steelworks on September 24 has sparked interest from as far afield at the USA.

A 60 year-old man described seeing a black disc in the sky above the former Brymbo steelworks, describing how he watched in fly from the direction of Chirk towards Hawarden and Broughton.

Now it seems the unidentified flying object was also seen in Chester - and perhaps has returned more recently.

Painter and illustrator Clare Thompson thinks she saw the same object above Lache Lane.

She said: "I think I saw the same object. I've never seen anything inexplicable in the sky before but that did confuse me!

"I have been looking for any info that fits as it baffled me and saw your article. The timing sounds right and the location is the right trajectory - it flew over our neighbourhood round by Lache Lane towards Flintshire. Also the description of the way it was moving is spot on. Only difference being I thought it was smaller than a car and silver/reflective. Definitely flat and a disc and not a balloon or a drone.

"Also think I might have seen it again yesterday but not 100% sure as it was further away this time.

"I'm just wondering what people think it could be?"

The Wrexham witness describes the object as moving in a straight line and occassionally flipping over.

He said: "It was a flat disc, it was very strange. The wind was going in another direction, so I don't think it was floating, so it wasn't a balloon or a bin liner, it went in a straight line.

"It seemed to be 100ft high at the most. It was about as big as a car."

UFO group Interesting World included the sighting it its weekly round-up along with stories from Japan and the United States.