STAFF and pupils have been told to isolate after a confirmed case of coronavirus was reported at another Flintshire Primary school.

A nursery group at Mountain Lane primary school has been advised to self-isolate for 14-days and the school remains open.

In a statement, Flintshire Council said: "The County Council has been informed of and is advising a confirmed case of Covid-19 at Mountain Lane Primary School. The school has followed all the appropriate protocols and engaged with the NHS Test, Trace and Protect (TTP) Team and the Council’s Environmental Health Team.

"Pupils and staff identified as close contacts of the confirmed case have been informed and are now self-isolating for 14 days in line with national guidance. This advice relates only to one Nursery group at the current time.

"The school remains open and it is not necessary for any other child to self-isolate, stay away from school or to be tested, unless they are advised to do so by the TTP team or if they develop symptoms of Covid-19.

"Parents are encouraged to remain calm but vigilant and not send their child to school if they are unwell. If a parent believes their child is showing symptoms of Covid-19 they should book a test by going to"

Parents say they received notification on September 27 but remain 'concerned over the lack of information'.

A letter was sent to parents with information and urged them to keep an eye on their children's symptoms.