A BLACK disc flying was spotted in the sky above the former Brymbo steelworks.

Residents and dog walkers watched the strange object fly from the direction of Chirk towards Hawarden and Broughton.

Once 60-year-old witness was in his back garden when he saw the disc flying at an estimated height of 100m at 5.30pm on Thursday (September 24).

Although he has no idea what it was, he is certain it wasn't an aircraft, drone or balloon.

He said: "It came from Chirk towards Queensferry.

"It was a flat disc, it was very strange. The wind was going in another direction, so I don't think it was floating, so it wasn't a balloon or a bin liner, it went in a straight line.

"It seemed to be 100ft high at the most. It was about as big as a car."

"There was nobody attached to it and their wasn't a cabin, so it didn't appear to be a craft. It wasn't a drone, when I first saw if I thought someone has let a balloon go. But when I looked at it I could see it was flat.Then it turned over so the bottom was the top, and then it flew again. It wasn't going up or done, or side to side, it was going in a perfectly straight line.

"I could hear dogwalkers saying 'Look at that?' and 'What is that?'.

He believes others will have saw the object as it was at a time when people would be driving home from work, and it appeared to pass over Brymbo, Pentre Broughton, Tanyfron, Caergwrle, and possibly Queensferry, as it headed in the direction of Hawarden and Broughton.

He hopes someone can explain what it was.

The witness added: "I took a video of it on my tablet for about 12 seconds. But when I looked it hadn't worked. But I tried videoing something later and it was absolutely fine."

Delamere actor Nathan Head, who hosts the paranormal investigation series Apparitions on Amazon Prime, says Wrexham is a hotspot for UFO sightings.

He said: "Its not the first time. In 2019 there were lots of reports of sudden flashes of light in the sky above Wrexham.

"I've not heard of a black disc before, usually its a black triangle if it is black. Perhaps it was metallic but because of the light and shadow it appeared black.

"In the 1970s there were lots of UFO sightings in Llandrillo, which isn't too far from Wrexham really. That too was flashing lights in the sky. Independent scientists claimed they were a rare type of lightning caused by earthquakes, a loud noise and bright flashes. The MOD suggested it was a crashed meteor, but no official explanation was given.

"An earthquake light doesn't explain the black disc though. That sounds more physical, like an actual spacecraft. Its exciting to consider the possibilities."