Residents have been left distressed following weeks of dealing with human waste sewage at their properties.

Heavy rain resulted in the sewer overflowing on August 12 and more than one month on, residents of Ffordd Llanerch in Penycae are still questioning when it will be cleaned up by Welsh Water.

One resident, Tina Young, received a call in work regarding the flooding incident, which has resulted in her kitchen needing to be replaced, as well as her front room walls needing to be replastered.

She said: "I rushed home from work and saw my kids and my cousin with mops and brushes trying to brush all the water out.

"I was just in shock as it was like a river going straight through my house from back door to front door, with towels everywhere and anything the kids could grab.

"My partner tried ringing the fire brigade but they said they couldn't come out.

"In about an hour or so, Highway Maintenance come out with sand bags, Welsh Water then come out and that's when we discovered it was human sewage in the water from my neighbours drain which had been blocked.

"It's been well over a month now and still nothing has been done."

The Leader:

Ms Young states that she has been left in disbelief by the lack of support she and other neighbours affected by the sewage have received from Welsh Water and Wrexham Council.

Another resident, Graham Edward, added: "There's still sewage left on our front garden, and has been made worse by some of the bad weather we've had.

"It urgently needs to be sorted."

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council, said: "During the last spell of heavy rain in the area the Welsh Water main drain was unable to cope with the excess rainfall and the sewer overflowed.

"The disinfecting and clearing of the debris which resulted from this spill is the responsibility of Welsh Water."

The Leader:

A spokesperson for Welsh Water, said: "We were made aware of a blockage in a sewer pipe in the Penycae area of Wrexham last month, and immediately sent a team to investigate and to rectify the problem.

"Our investigation showed this blockage was caused by a build-up of non-flushable items, including wet wipes, that had been disposed into the sewer inappropriately.

"When we cleared this, we checked the network for any other potential blockages, and conducted a clean-up of the affected areas.

"We have not been made aware of any further clean-up work required, but will contact affected customers in the area to understand what work may be needed.

"We would like to remind our customers not to dispose of any materials other than toilet roll down the toilet.

"Nappies, cotton buds and wet wipes can end up blocking our system.

"Similarly, pouring fat, oil and grease down sinks can cause blockages.

"The issue of blocked sewers and flooding costs Welsh Water £5 million a year.

"For more information on our ‘Stop the Block’ campaign, please visit"