ELLIOTT DURRELL says football has proved to be "a funny old game" once again.

News broke on Wednesday night that Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were the duo interested in taking control of Wrexham.

The revelation sparked reaction from far and wide with the Reds players catching up on the news after the friendly defeat to Telford United.

Asked for his reaction to the news, Durrell said: "You hear little whispers that it's going to be X,Y or Z and you are thinking 'there's no way it can be, how can there be any link' but it's football and football is a funny old game.

"It's proved to be again."

Durrell, back for his second spell at Wrexham, continued: "It's an unbelievable opportunity for the football club and one the football club is probably ready for.

"It's not in our hands as players, we are here to do a job and ultimately that won't change. We are paid by the football club to come here and get results, and we are fully focused on that.

"Everything that comes with the takeover is fantastic and it's a great opportunity and it will be great if it does go through.

"It will be great if we can match it with results on the pitch as well."