IN a year like no other, the last thing people expected to hit the headlines was a pair of Hollywood actors interested in buying a Welsh football club.

But, according to Wrexham AFC officials, such plans are progressing to the next stage following a meeting of the supporter’s trust board with A-listers Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds.

A spokesman said: "In due course, Mr. McElhenney and Mr. Reynolds will put forward their vision for Wrexham AFC and proposal for members to vote on at a second Special General Meeting."

Leader readers have shared their thoughts on the news that came from the club late last night, particularly on Facebook.

Many shared their excitement as the Hollywood stars showed an interest in their town football club and some were in disbelief at the revealed names.

Cliff Jones said: “It can only be a good thing for Wrexham after all these last 12 years. Bring it on!”

Juliet Robinson added: “Great news for Wrexham Football fans and even better news for us Ryan Reynolds fans!”

Charlotte McCubbin commented: “Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get any stranger!”

Elizabeth Matthews said: “I think there will be a lot of new female fans all of a sudden!”

Speculation over the identity of the mystery investors was rife over the last few weeks until all was revealed on Wednesday night, September 23.

Theories ranged from film stars, prominent businessmen and many more.

The club reported previously that the investors wished for their identities to remain anonymous until the board members authorised them to proceed with discussions.