FLINTSHIRE residents are being urged to get creative this Halloween as things will look slightly different due to Covid-19.

As the uncertainty around Covid-19 continues, Halloween may look a little different this year as parents may feel uncomfortable allowing their children to go Trick or Treating.

Instead, parents are being asked to get creative this year and start a Pumpkin Trail.

In a social media post, families across Flintshire, and beyond, were asked to take part.

It reads: "We usually love getting dressed up and love Trick or Treating in our local area, however this year we aren't sure people will want randomers knocking on their doors, diving into bowls of sweets.

!Lots of genius work around including sweetie slide and boxes have been suggested but I thought we could do something similar to our rainbow windows.

"Everyone can paint, draw, paper mache a pumpkin in any design they like and pop it into their window.

"Another perfect excuse to show a little creativity without having to cover our houses in cobwebs and plastic tombstones. We can then see how many pumpkins children can spot as they go out over Halloween and half term.

"For every pumpkin spotted, parents could put a treat or sweet in their child's Trick or Treat bag. Children would be able to do it over the half-term and this way they can Trick or Treat and get sweets without knocking on doors and rummaging around in a pot of sweets."

The original idea came from a family in Leeds who asked their area to take part, but people in Flintshire were quick to praise the idea and encourage their communities to have a go.

One parent, in Connah's Quay, said this was a 'fabulous and safe idea' adding that it would be 'fabulous to get the whole community involved'.