Order and Collect Service

Did you know all of our library buildings are now open for an Order and Collect service? We have taken all the security measures seriously and followed all of the guidelines so you don't have to worry. To make an appointment to return, order and collect your books, visit www.wrexham.gov.uk/libraries where you can find the order and collect online form or contact details for your local library. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Temporary online membership

If you are still concerned about leaving the house but are desperate to read something new, why not apply for a temporary online membership that will give you access to all of our online ebooks free of charge? Go to www.wrexham.gov.uk/libraries , click on Online Services then select Online Catalogue and Join the Library.

American politics

Say the name, President Donald Trump, and that usually produces a range of opinions. Whether you love or loathe him, he is the Republican candidate for the forthcoming November USA Presidential elections. If you're struggling to understand the ins and outs of American politics, why not order a book on the subject? Wrexham Library has many of the popular books that have been published which are available for you to add to your next Order and Collect request. Titles include Luke Harding's Collusion; Rick Reilly's Commander In Cheat - How Golf Explains Trump; Victor Davis Hanson's The Case for Trump; Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury; Bob Woodward's Fear; Sean Spicer's The Briefing; M. Kranish & M. Fisher's Trump Revealed; and Greg Miller's The Apprentice. Why not learn more about the man who currently leads the USA today? To order any of these books please call 01978 292090.

Brymbo Steelworks

Did you know it is 30 years since Brymbo Steelworks closed? Brynteg Library is promoting a set of books written about the steelworks and surrounding area which are available for you to read. Titles include Brymbo Steelworks: A Collection of Pictures by Ioan D Jones; The Golden Age of Brymbo Steam by Geoff Charles; Reflections on Brymbo and Lodge by Wilfred Williams; Steel Bat and Ball by Andrew Edwards, plus many more. To add them to your next order and collect list please call the library on 01978 759523.

Ancestry.com for FREE

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors are and what they did for a living? To find the answers to these questions why not visit the library's website where you can have free full access to Ancestry.com until the end of September. Ancestry will give you access to UK and international records such as the census, births, marriages and deaths, parish records and much more. For more details visit our website www.wrexham.gov.uk/libraries and select the online catalogue then log in to your library account at the top of the page and select the Ancestry icon. You will never know until you try it!

Book Review

All The Lonely People by Mike Gayle

The Leader:

All The Lonely People is a heart-warming story about the power of community and human connection. The story revolves around Hubert Bird who was part of the Windrush generation - immigrants that moved from the Caribbean to Britain in the late 1940s onward.

The chapters alternate between the time he arrived in Britain (1957) and the present day. Hubert Bird is not alone in being alone. He just needs to realise it. In weekly phone calls to his daughter in Australia, widower Hubert Bird paints a picture of the perfect retirement, packed with fun, friendship and fulfilment. But Hubert Bird is lying. The truth is, day after day drags by without him seeing a single soul. Until, that is, he receives some good news - good news that in one way turns out to be the worst news ever, news that will force him out again, into a world he has long since turned his back on.

Now Hubert faces a seemingly impossible task: to make his real life resemble his fake life before the truth comes out. Along the way Hubert stumbles across a second chance at love, renews a cherished friendship and finds himself roped into an audacious community scheme that seeks to end loneliness once and for all. Life is certainly beginning to happen to Hubert Bird. But with the origin of his earlier isolation always lurking in the shadows will he ever get to live the life he's pretended to have for so long?

I absolutely loved this book - Hubert is just the most engaging character and you completely take him into your heart. The book deals with some important issues such as loneliness, family, love, friendship, prejudice, loss and dealing with losing someone you love to the horror that is drug addiction. But don't be put off - despite dealing with some difficult issues there is also humour and so much warmth in this novel. I think this is Mike Gayle's best book yet and I would certainly give it a five star rating! by Lynda