Things got a bit nostalgic at the Leader this week, as we looked back at a few of the lost picture houses of Wrexham.

And it sparked some great memories for readers.

K.F. Miller, from Gresford wrote saying: "Thank you for the article about the old Wrexham cinemas.

"I remember well the old Odeon Cinema in Brook Street as the nicest place in town, before we had TV. I can remember going there as a child to the Saturday morning shows. I got to know the manager, Mr Hall, and also the chief projectionist, Mervyn.

"The best memory of the Odeon was that it had the best Cinemascope screen anywhere around here.

"My film memory was seeing The Third Man on a day I had had an injection to stop a runny ear, and it stiffened my leg up as I watched, so when it was over and I came to get my bus home, I had one hell of a job getting up the hill to get to King Street for my bus.

"I still love that film, and have a recording of it, to admire Alida Valli."

The Leader:

Above: Odeon Cinema, Brook Street, Wrexham. Photo courtesy of

On our Leader Live and Local Bygones Facebook pages, people also reminisced about their cinema days, including their first or memorable movies.

Barry Scrivener: "Used to love the Odeon, and the music I will always remember, fabulous."

Valerie Roberts: "Fabulous curtain that changed colour in front of screen."

Chris Williams: "Saturday morning club. What a loss to the town when it closed."

Tina Samuels: "My father-in-law worked part of his apprenticeship as a plumber on the Odeon."

Joanne Keane: "Aristocats. I was pretty young, I went with my brother and sister."

Chris Wilson: "Bambi, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or The Sound of Music, I can't remember which!"

Tricia Northall: "Conan the Barbarian I think was the first one I saw."

Ian Morgan: "So many of the original features left over when I worked at Top Rank Bingo and especially the old projection room upstairs where basically untouched."

Paul Keeler: "Summer Holiday."

Daryl Roberts: "Diamonds Are forever."

Mark Hodkinson: "I think the first film I seen was Steptoe and Son, 1972."

Sandra Vedovotto: "Greece."

Alma Tapp: "The Incredible Journey."

Karen Armstrong: "Every Saturday morning. Godzilla."

Lorraine Beales: "Those were the days, can't remember what I saw though."

Margaret Reiner Nurse: "Flash Gordon, Saturday morning club..."

Trish Maybury: "Sparticus."

Bryan Pritchard: "Saturday morning club but my first movie was Summer Holiday starring Cliff Richard, with my mum and sister."

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