DEESIDE'S representative has welcomed a court ruling to support businesses through the pandemic but vows to continue the campaign until every business has been paid.

Jack Sargeant MS has been working with local businesses to get insurers to pay out during the pandemic for business disruption.

Following lockdown, many businesses had to close and turned to insurers to cover their losses.

Many insurers disputed the claims, arguing policies were never meant to cover such circumstances. The test case was brought by the Financial Conduct Authority and had the potential to affect 370,000 mostly small businesses.

Following a successful court ruling, Mr Sargeant vowed to continue his campaign until every business affected receives their money.

The MS said: “This is great news and I would call on insurers to accept this decision, their have been enough delays and these businesses need their money.

“Throughout this pandemic I have stood with local businesses in their fight for justice and I really welcome this ruling.

“If any local businesses need my support on this or any other matter I am here to help email me on”

Fern Lewis owner of Mirror Mirror Hair and Beauty Studio Ltd added: "I am really pleased with what the judge has said. Businesses like mine did the right thing and took out insurance we should get our money.

"Jack has been brilliant, he has taken the fight to the insurers and raised at the highest levels in Welsh Government.”