PEOPLE came out in droves to by special cans of lager to help a brave little girl have life-improving treatment.

With lots of people getting cans in for the Bank Holiday weekend, those in Wrexham, Gresford and Rossett were able to do so while supporting 10-year-old Eva Williams.

Cans of the freshly-brewed #unbeatable lager were on sale outside Dickens Butchers Gresford on Saturday, then again outside the Golden Lion in Rossett and Cwtch Ceramics in Wrexham on Monday.

The lager is available for a donation of £40 for a 24 can crate, £25 for 12, £15 for 6 or £10 for four.

At the weekend, Eva's dad Paul Slapa said: "If you can’t make it and want to pick some up then you can message us directly or you can head down to Gresford Newsagents as they have kindly got it on sale for us there too."

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Cwtch Ceramics

Thanks to the kindness of the West Berkshire Brewery, the family, who live in Marford, have 5,000 cans of lager, in a brightly coloured specially-designed can, to sell to raise money for Eva's treatment.

Paul added: "The amazing team at West Berkshire Brewery have been working with us on #unbeatablelager – a limited edition lager especially for Eva’s fundraising campaign which will only be available from us directly.

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At the Golden Lion, Rossett

On New Year's Day, the lives of Paul and Carran Slapa were changed forever when their then nine-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare and incurable brain tumour called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma).

Determined to give their daughter hope, the Marford couple launched a campaign to take her to America for treatment that has extended the lives of other children.

The campaign soon reached £250,000, but the coronavirus pandemic has since limited fundraising opportunities.

This is why the new lager fundraiser is so important.

On Saturday, Paul said: "What a day. Thank you to everyone who made it down to and supported us by donating for some #unbeatablelager.

"Thanks to Scott Dickens and Danielle Dickens for letting us park up outside the shop, and thank you to Chris Cheffings, Ash Basu and my dad for helping to shift the beer.

After people picked up their cans, some posted photos of them having a drink for Eva.

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People posted photos of their lager on Facebook

Tom Manford said: "Cheers Eva, this one's for you sweetheart!"

You can donate directly to the campagin at