In the Leader's Me and My Motor feature, we meet the people with a passion for vehicles.

It might be a classic that only comes out on sunny weekends or a supercar that gets to open up on track days.

Maybe you have a vintage motorbike or tractor, or have converted a camper into a dream space for getaways.

Or do you have something just a little bit different - old fire engine, double decker, steam engine or tank?!

If you have a motor you're proud of, you can share it with us here or email for details.

• Today we hear about a small but mighty classic belonging to Simon Price, from Wrexham...

The Leader:

Above: The day Simon picked his car up from Speed Six Rover in Wrexham, 1998.

What vehicle/s do you own, and for how long? I have a Rover Mini Paul Smith. And I've had it for 22 years.

Why this particular vehicle/s? Fell in love with it at 18 years ago in the local Rover garage, purchased it new and had it ever since.

What do you mainly use it for, and do you take it to shows or events? It's mainly shows nowadays, although I do use it when the weather is good.

The Leader:

Above: On display at the NEC November 2016.

What does your family think? Initially, my mum lost her mind when I turned up with a brand new car at 18, but they know I love it still all these years later.

What was your first car? Mini

What is your dream/fantasy vehicle? 57 Chevy Bel Air.

Favourite famous vehicle (real life, movies etc) and why? Herbie. Always loved the love bug!