A WREXHAM postman has been fondly remembered as a “perfect brother” as his family aim to raise awareness of mental health following his death.

Sandra Roberts has paid tribute to her brother Brian, 50, who worked for more than two decades on various postal routes across the Wrexham area during his career with Royal Mail, adding many would know him for being in his postie shorts all year round, whatever the weather.

She described him as a “perfect brother” who sadly let struggles with his mental health lead to the decision he made earlier this year when he took his own life.

Sandra said: “He is a brother that I am so proud of and always looked up to and admired. We did not know anything was wrong, he always said that he was fine. Brian always had the most incredulous laugh and was so funny.

Sandra has shared her story in the hopes of raising awareness of mental health struggles for men and preventing another family from experiencing the same pain she is going through.

“I want to raise awareness of mental health and suicide. I want to stress to people that even if someone looks OK that they may not be OK,” says Sandra.

“There is a massive stigma regarding mental health, particularly with men. I just feel like it needs to be talked about and brought out into the open. People need to express their emotions.”

She adds that it is pertinent that people take notice of those around them – particularly for those who live alone.

Sandra has started a fundraising campaign to benefit North East Wales MIND – a local branch of a charity that helps those experiencing mental anguish but also supports their families.

She said: “I don’t think many people are aware about the impact suicide has on those left behind as it isn’t something that is readily talked about. It is absolutely devastating.

“Once you have gone through a loss like this you realise nothing else really matters. People are just so busy with their lives that they can sometimes miss what is going on around them.

“It is too late for us, and I know I am only one person, but I am trying to make a difference – and if I can get other people to listen it all adds up in numbers and maybe I can help just one family avoid going through this awful feeling that suicide brings before another crisis can take hold of someone they love.”

To support Sandra, you can view her fundraising page at www.gofundme.com/f/22cc6w3epc.