A LOCAL project is looking for its forever home to mark how a community came together during the height of a pandemic.

Over 700 rocks have been painted in Connah’s Quay to create a rocky reptile, to get creativity running during the coronavirus lockdown.

Enfys was created and named by the community in a bid to spread some joy, and plans are in place to find a permanent home.

The Leader previously reported that Jacob Smith, 6, and his sister Evelyn made a rock snake my painting pebbles, starting with the face painted on one stone.

The name Enfys was given to the snake to portray the symbol of hope during the unprecedented times.

Mum Janine said they started the project in a bid to spread some lockdown fun and it has continued to increase in popularity.

Cllr Ian Dunbar said that he and Cllr Ian Smith have been involved in discussions with the Wepre Park Rangers to get the rock snake put in a secure site.

He added: “After speaking personally with Janine, both Councillors are meeting up with her and Ranger Stephen Lewis to look at a couple of suitable sites for the snake to be put.

“As this is the best attended park in Connah’s Quay, it is the Jewel in the Crown of Flintshire and both of us councillors are proud to represent, it will be another attraction for the people to enjoy.”