A LIFEBOAT team was called out to help tow a speedboat back to shore.

On Thursday evening whilst its volunteer crew took part in their first afloat exercise since lockdown began, RNLI shore crew heard calls for help as a speedboat suffering engine failure was drifting towards rocks near Connah’s Quay Dock.

With UK Coastguard informed, Flint lifeboat was tasked and arrived on scene five minutes later.

On arrival, they found a 19ft speedboat with four persons on board who confirmed they were all fine but required assistance getting back to shore.

The volunteer crew quickly established a tow and made the short journey back to Connah's Quay Docks where the occupants and vessel were safely brought ashore.

A spokesman for the RNLI launching authority said: "It had been a long day for our volunteer crew taking part in their first permitted exercise since lockdown began, our crew were able to quickly put training into practice and safely bring the vessel and its occupants ashore.

"If you are going out on the water, we urge people to wear a buoyancy aid or lifejacket.

"It is also important to know the weather forecast and the state of the tide, and to carry a means for calling for help."