Welcome to the world the latest new arrivals from across the region.

Times may be far from normal just now but life carries on regardless, and we gave new parents who have had an arrival during lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic the chance to share their baby with the world.

As lockdown restrictions ease, many are now getting to meet family and friends for the first time, definitely a time for celebration.

If you would like to share your news with us you can fill in our Q&A or you can email details to claire.pierce@newsquest.co.uk

Meet some of the region's newest residents...

• WILLOW ANN COSSA born on May 15 at Chester

The Leader:

Parents: Sadie and Tim Cossa

Weight: 7lbs 11oz

Siblings: Theo, Jacob, and half sisters Jessica and violet

"Willow was born via a planned section, at 1.23pm. She was then taken to neo natal, as she wasn’t breathing properly and turning pink. She had an x-ray which showed a shadow on her lungs. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and put on anti-biotics for five days. She had multiple canulars in and many blood tests done, which was normal. She was also tested for covid three times. She was on cpap and actiflow oxygen help until she could breathe without it. She stayed in neonatal for 11 days. The staff were amazing, we couldn’t fault them."

• REGGIE TARBROOK-JONES born on March 25 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Sally Tarbrook and Liam Jones

Weight: 7lb 1oz

Siblings: Darcie Tarbrook-Jones

" I went into labour the day before and he was born on his due date. My partner was stopped by the police on his way to the hospital as lockdown has just started but he arrived just before my contractions got I’m really intense."

• ALBERT GOULDING born on July 14 Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Katie and Dave Goulding

Weight: 7lb 6.5oz

Siblings: George, Matilda and Stanley Goulding

"Our little Bertie (Albert) was due to be born at our home in Mold. We had our birthing pool all set up and ready do go. However, the midwives decided to send me to hospital as I wasn't progressing and hadn't been able to keep any fluids down. At 3cm dilated they decided to pop my waters, but when they came to it, I was actually 9cm and my waters had already gone. Bertie was born very soon after. Dad was able to stay with us for a few hours and enjoyed some lovely skin on skin time before he had to leave."

• MAYA DUFFY born on April 29 at the Countess of Chester Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Mo and Mark Duffy

Weight: 5lb 9oz

Siblings: Henry and Isaac Duffy

"Maya was born during lockdown, three weeks before her due date. Due to the restrictions at hospital, Maya did not meet her Daddy and brothers until she was four days old. We can’t thank the midwives and staff at the Countess of Chester enough for how well we were looked after during our stay."

• FREDDIE MAXWELL DANIEL EVANS born on April 4 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital

The Leader:

Parent: Danielle Evans

Weight: 9lb 13oz

Siblings: Daisie Evans

"I went in to be induced and wasn’t allowed my birthing partner with me, so I had to wait on the ward for labour to begin. Luckily it began very fast and my labour partner was allowed in the room with 20 minutes to spare before Freddie’s arrival. It was a surreal experience not having any visitors in the two days I was in hospital but the staff were amazing and really looked after me."

• CHARLIE HUW HUNT born on June 4 at Wrexham

The Leader:

Parents: Nia and Bobby Hunt

Weight: 8lbs 12oz

Siblings: Caitlyn Hunt

• LEO THOMAS WILCOCK born on June 10 at the Countess of Chester Hospital

The Leader:

Parents: Kate Hindle and James Wilcock, from Connah's Quay

Weight: 7lb 12oz

Siblings: Zachery

• GRACIE MYAH CAIN born on July 11 in a home birth at Connah's Quay

The Leader:

Parent: Natalie Cain

Weight: 6lb 4oz

Siblings: Ruby and Harrison

"Gracie was born at her home, a planned home birth. It was an amazing experience to have my little one at home and to be relaxed afterwards. Gracie arrived after three hours and 20 minutes in labour in the bath. I had my friend Amy Gill and Auntie Helen Cain as birthing partners, and the midwives were so lovely and supportive. We are all so happy, and also a lovely thing to happen during this epidemic. Gracie is pictured with sister Ruby and brother Harrison."