A FLINTSHIRE town has gone from 'bad to worse' as residents continue to feel unsafe.

Shotton councillor Mike Evans said that despite the pandemic, the town has been plagued with issue after issue and countless acts of antisocial behaviour.

He said: "Not just progressively, but very quickly the town has gone from bad to worse with a constant volume of flytipping and the increased amount of drug users and Anti Social behaviour is now making residents not feeling safe in their own community.

"A lot of it, not all, stems from HMO's (Houses of multiple occupancy) and a lack of respect for authorities such as police.

"The lack of Respect has been apparent for sometime for our community, as you know I've been chasing up flytipping issues for the past nine years and it's progressively got worse.

"The cycling on the pavement which has become at times very dangerous has gotten worse which again is a lack of respect to people and authorities.

"The drug problem has gotten worse with an increase of users openly taking them in full view of the public.

"People again are drinking alcohol in public places and causing anti-social issues.

"Drug dealing in recreational areas and in popular dog walking and cycling routes where all ages use."

The Leader previously reported that Cllr Sean Bibby and Cllr Dave Evans contacted North Wales Police and Flintshire Council for clarification over enforcement after finding empty alcohol bottles and discarded drug paraphernalia.

Cllr Evans said there is a fear that the town will eventually become a ghost town, with them already heading in that direction.

He added: "The empty shops within the town don't help and the constant traffic congestion coming into the town from Wepre lights direction and even worse from the Queensferry direction.

"The congested parking in the side streets where sometimes it's very difficult to get past unless the vehicles are parked half on the pavement - which then causes problems for pedestrians and wheelchair users, these mainly are where there are HMO'S.

"There's no youth clubs for teenagers and the lack of local employment means more boredom and lack of things to do.

"Going further back, the closing of John Summers High School was one of the worst decisions ever made.

"All these have been raised numerous times but nothing has changed."