WREXHAM martial arts students have raised hundreds of pounds for their local hospital through a virtual event.

Students training at Wrexham-based SK Cobras have completed a charity challenge put forward by centre owner Sven Klein to his students to raise funds for the Wrexham Maelor League of Friends to do their bit for the NHS locally.

Due to the lockdown and stay-at-home order in place, over 30 students performed for the Kickathon at home in a virtual Zoom session on May 28 with the target of raising £500.

Since completing their kicking challenge, the students counted more than 88,000 kicks in an hour between them and raised more than double their target with a cheque for more than £1,000 ready to be sent to the charity.

Sven adds that his partner was a former A&E nurse – which fuelled his want to fundraise even further.

Speaking to the Leader about the event, he said: “I think the kids have done an awesome job and I am really proud of what we achieved as a group, especially the fact we went above our goal. I was there with them every kick of the way, it was amazing to watch.

"Every time we got to 100 kicks the kids would mark a line on a piece of paper and that is how we managed to record the amazing amount we got through in the hour.

"Everyone got a certificate for taking part but the best feeling was to know we have all done something for our local NHS heroes. We are just a small school so wanted to do something that would help locally."