A HOLYWELL man has been jailed after he admitted threatening to stab members of the public during a topless drunken "rampage".

Shaun Lloyd, aged 21 and of Brynmor Place, appeared before Mold Crown Court via video link on Thursday for sentence.

At a previous hearing he had admitted five offences; one of affray, two of possessing an offensive weapon, one of exposure and one of criminal damage.

Maria Masselis, prosecuting, told the court that between 9pm and 10pm on June 15, Lloyd was seen running around topless on Chester Road in Buckley.

She said witnesses likened his behaviour to that of a "gorilla" and that he had been running in the direction of members of the public while holding a knife and screwdriver saying he would "stab them".

Lloyd then proceeded to obstruct cars in the road and after banging on the bonnet of one, he climbed onto another and tried to "stab through the windscreen with the screwdriver."

In a victim statement the driver, Niamh Allsop, said the incident made her "extremely scared and frightened."

She was able to leave the scene and later confirmed her car was undamaged.

After this, two females were seen approaching Lloyd and appeared to try to escort him away.

But at that point he took down his shorts, the court heard, exposing himself in front of the people who had gathered.

Officers attended the scene and put Lloyd in a police car, following which he kicked out one of the vehicle's windows and had to be controlled with an incapacitant spray.

Maria Masselis said in his police interview, Lloyd claimed to have no recollection of the events and admitted to having been drunk - describing his level of intoxication as "10 out of 10".

Jemma Gordon, defending, said: "This was triggered by the fact his uncle had passed away recently. "He was struggling with his mental health and he turned to alcohol and drugs to deal with it. "He has had a history of trauma in his childhood and upbringing."

Judge Timothy Petts told Lloyd: "You went on a rampage, causing disruption on a main road by running up and down topless."

Describing the 21-year-olds actions atop Niamh Allsop's car, he continued: "It was clearly a frightening experience for her and for those who witnessed what you were doing."

For the possession of weapons, criminal damage and affray, Judge Petts jailed Lloyd for 10 months, half of which he will serve in custody and half on license.

In respect of the exposure offence, he handed Lloyd a conditional discharge.

The judge also imposed a post supervision order of 12 months and ordered Lloyd to pay a victim surcharge of £156.