BANDS from the Wrexham music scene are ready to hit the high notes when lockdown restrictions finally allow them to get back on the road to potential stardom.

Numerous up and coming bands and artists were enjoying success before the coronavirus pandemic but the break has made some more determined than ever to make it as a group.

“It’s been tough not gigging, we’re all getting bored of it and annoyed we can’t share our music with everyone” said Ben Matthias, lead guitarist of Wrexham-based band The Royston Club, who formed in 2018 having played regular shows at Wrexham’s own Saith Seren and at The Parish as well as performing in Liverpool and Manchester.

With several plays on BBC Radio Cymru and other North West stations the band will now be looking to increase their status as one of Wales’ top up and coming groups.

“Obviously there’s some really good stuff coming out of Wrexham at the moment, bands like Red Brick and Faded Strangers both smashing it which is brilliant for the town,” added Matthias who together with lead singer Tom Faithful performed a cover of Beatles classic ‘Blackbird’ from their own separate gardens, which can be seen on YouTube.

“We have been making demos and covers to keep us moving as a band and keep morale high.

“We’ve got a lot of new tunes ready to go with some more lockdown covers coming very soon. It’s been weird during lockdown trying to write songs as not much has been going on.”

Named after the local Acrefair club, The Royston Club, their debut EP ‘This State I’m In’ was released three months ago but the aim now is to showcase the band’s talent to a much-wider audience. “We hope to one day record an album and perhaps have our own tour,” said Matthias.

“And who knows why not play Glastonbury? Got to aim high haven’t you?”

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