"1992 by any chance?"

Yes. Yes it is. And here's why...

At the Leader we have thousands of archive images, primarily black and white negatives, spanning decades.

Yet many of you will, of course, have noticed there's not been a whole lot going on unless it happened in 1992.

As our building in Mold underwent renovation last year, all of our archives went to a records office for safe keeping.

On getting a move-back-in date, I ordered some boxes, planning to work my way through snapshots of local history.

Three weeks back into our building, lockdown happened, leaving me and a big box of 1992.

The Leader:

Above: Getting acquainted with 1992.

Our Way Back When picture galleries are incredibly popular, and if it was a choice between no photos or the year I was 18, there was really only ever going to be one winner.

But making that happen wasn't going to be that simple, as the pandemic took hold, and working from home quickly became the new norm.

I go through each pack individually, the negative is scanned, cropped, edited and captioned. And captions are a whole other special category of fun.

If you've ever thought some of those captions were a bit on the vague side, trust me, they're War and Peace compared to some.

The Leader:

Above: captioning at its most minimal.

Seriously though, 1992, what's not to love? Despite being a rocky 12 months in British politics, the Queen's 'Annus Horribilis' and the year Nigel Mansell announced his F1 retirement, our archives show that across Wrexham and Flintshire, there was plenty to smile about.

I'm sure there's a box with your year in it, that photo of you with hair that was cool at the time. And I'm sure I'll get to it.

But in the meantime you can share your photos, they don't even need to be 1992.