A FOOTBALL club secretary spoke of his disappointment following a failed inspection due to works which could not be completed as a result of covid restrictions.

In an open letter to FAW chief executive Jonathan Ford, Greenfield FC secretary Dennis Hogan has called for an extension following the inspection at his club's grounds on June 18.

He explained the failure had been due to no stand or hardstanding, no tannoy system and an 'unhygienic toilet'.

Mr Hogan said he is frustrated as he had informed the FAW in advance that attempts to get works underway had been hindered by coronavirus restrictions.

In the letter he explains: "The person who was financing the stand has pulled out due to the Covid-19 virus having a serious effect on his business.

"The hard standing was scheduled to be done Easter week but due to the virus all of Wales was on lockdown.

"Both jobs required multiple people to help so this still could not be done due to social distancing laws set by the Welsh Government."

Mr Hogan said he'd asked the FAW for 'leeway' - but was told no clubs would be given any.

He told the Leader: "We're currently playing in the third tier. We've been in division one for four years and I'd say we are one of the most consistent teams in it.

"We could drop down to tier four.

"The FAW have said we can appeal against their decision, but it costs about £216 for an appeal and two of the points on the inspection - the stand and the hardstanding - aren't going to be done next week.

"We play on a private field as well, so we can't access grants - everything we do is through fundraising, word of mouth and sponsorship.

"The FAW could have given every club some leeway, up to a certain date, due to the virus.

"They're focused more on the criteria of the grounds than the quality of the team's football.

"How is the standard going to get better like that?"

Mr Hogan said if the club does drop down a tier, he believes it will have an impact.

"We've got a decent bunch of players," he said.

"If we drop down, some of them might go on to find other clubs."

He added the matters which caused the failed inspection are "in hand".

"At this current time we have secured 100 seats from Brentford FC and the frame for the stand is in progress," he said.

"The hardstanding will be done when the laws of the country allow us to do it.

"The tannoy system is in hand and the toilet facilities will be completed asap."

A spokesman for the FAW confirmed Mr Hogan's letter had been received, but declined to comment further on the matter.